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Top 10 best UX experiences for most popular sites in 2020

There's an astoundingly large amount of websites out there. It's not easy to stand out from the crowd, with the possibility of thousands of different sites covering the same topics and niches. Each site looks for their own unique way to stand apart, whether it's by offering new features, offering more insightful and detailed content or by implementing customer-focused approaches.
It has become clear that businesses need to improve their services not just in one area, but in all areas that the customer interacts with. This is the essence of customer experience design. But yet, while many businesses and websites are starting to leverage UX design to improve their customer satisfaction and ROI, there are far more of those that don't and are left behind curve.
But it's not just small websites that are struggling with this issue.

Even the largest corporations can struggle to tackle UX issues. Even the most popular sites in the world can have UX flaws. Even services that y…

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