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Can an AI Monkey Understand Your Website?

Many of you might already be familiar with Poe , Attractive's AI web expert, who tirelessly tests and analyses websites. But how many of you knew he also has a pet space monkey, MeMe ? Like all monkeys, MeMe likes to take part in everything, often causing havoc along the way. Occasionally Poe forgets his computer open, offering MeMe the irresistible opportunity to play the expert. MeMe obviously does not have the intelligence that Poe has. While Poe can figure out the key functions and goals of a website, and constantly execute them, MeMe is more easily distracted. In fact, MeMe somewhat stupidly just clicks on the UI element that is the most attractive. On MeMe's page you can find out where the monkey would end up on your site, and create a wonderful comic from the results. You might consider this feature frivolous, but it can actually be very insightful. Most human interaction on websites is not that far from how MeMe would click, given the massive selection of sites out ther

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