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The 5 Levels of Artificial Assistance

At Attractive we are building a complete artificial UX expert, and I often like to joke that the job of any programmer is to make everyone unemployed. Except I'm not really joking. A key goal of automation is to remove the need to spend effort on a task, and you will find that great coders are on a continuous quest to make even themselves redundant. This can sound spooky, and it should. Our society is currently completely incapable of dealing with a reality where most human work becomes unnecessary, with only a few at the top of the automation pyramid being able to benefit. The good news is we are still some way from that — best current estimates place the moment for the arrival of artificial general intelligence at somewhere between 2040 and 2050, and it is worth noting that AI predictions have often been optimistic. The last jobs to vanish will be those in service, caretaking and creative industries. The very essence of those jobs relate to our human experience and as a result t…

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