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UX reviewing that you don’t need to do anymore

The number of usable websites in the world is low. This has a big impact on businesses. For example, eCommerce is losing hundreds of billions of dollars every year because of bad user experience.
Let’s take a look at a few reasons behind the lack of usable websites [1]. Usability evaluation requires experts to do it, and there’s a shortage of such expertsDoing a usability evaluation is a manual expert work making the cost of it beyond the budgets of many companiesWebsites are developed in high-speed with frequent updates, and the sites are more and more complex, making usability evaluation and improvement of websites increasingly challengingEvaluation gets overlooked because of market pressure to release rapidly and often, due the absence of distribution barriersUsability evaluation can only be carried out up to a limited depthDifferent usability experts give conflicting reporting The good news is that bots can perform a significant number of usability evaluations currently done manua…

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