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Featured interview with COO - Marc Salas Martínez (from Korean tech journal Link Asia) is going global! Following with the excitement of our recent Japanese partnerships, we've also grown excitement in the Korean tech community as well.

Korean tech journal Link Asia has had a chance to feature our very own Marc Salas Martínez, founder and COO at The interview gives an exciting glimpse into the company culture both in Finland, as well as here at

Original article is found here, for those interested in the Korean version: (Digital Marketing and Digital Nomad column, written by Hyunseok Choi)

The study, published in 3 parts, contains reflections on the Finnish startup ecosystem, culture and the experience Entrepreneurship community members had on the ecosystem. We also look at entrepreneurs' mental health and lifestyle, including our founder’s views on the chosen topic.

For those of you who are still learning your Korean, no worries! We've got you sorted, with the full i…

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