The Best Sites In The World (Probably)

We recently started showing all our subscribers (including free ones!) how they compare to the 1000s of other sites we have evaluated. With Black Friday also quickly coming up, web shops can also separately compare themselves to others in their domain (on the Advisor level). So if you haven't already signed up, you should definitely do that now.

Screenshot of Attractive displaying that a site is better than 79% of all sites tested

With that in mind we'd like to share our current top ten sites, from everything Poe, our virtual UX expert, has ever evaluated. These are based on our lightest 'first impression' analysis, as rated by Poe. As you can see, the domains and types of companies vary greatly, but all of them have good solid basics — although Poe also detected problems in all of them too...

So here they are, in reverse order:

10: Hoichoi


A vibrant site for streaming Bengali movies and series. The design takes some of the best lessons from streaming sites globally, and applies them here.

9: Phaver


A place for finding recommendations for all kinds of products, apps or services from networks of friends and influencers. While the site might not open up for those arriving there for the first time, it is clean and functional



MEOM is a Finnish marketing company. Straightforward and fast design works in their favour here. They let their customers and their results speak for themselves, without trying to do too much. Full disclaimer: they are one of our investors, but that had no impact on their standing here!

7: Kokokassa


A Finnish unemployment fund for academics. Another great example of a straightforward, clean site that doesn't result in computers slowing to a crawl.

6: Junction


A leading hackathon event with thousands of participants, and events all around the world. We don't generally recommend big background videos, which are heavy and can be distracting, but otherwise the site is enticing and fun. 

5: Nudie Jeans  


Stylish sustainable Swedish designer jeans. The shopping experience could still be improved (and we have recently added analysis which is specific to shopping), plus they suffer a bit from the common problem of fashion sites: poor text contrast, making it awkward to read the texts. But at least they are cleaner, with nice images, and innovative compared to many other online shops and is, indeed, the only online store that made it to the top 10.

4: Creative Navy


British UX/UI design agency. The site is stylish and clean. Unlike many other agency sites this one doesn't try to do too much, and refrains from gimmicks.

3: Upright Project


They analyse data on companies to evaluated how good an impact they are having environment and society. The site performs well and itself creates positive impact by reducing browser load — something which creates a massive energy drain globally

2: Blog of Tatsuro Shimada


We haven't been bribed — honest! — but this is a blog of one of our investors, who likes to travels the world and talk about the global lessons he gets from startup communities everywhere. Often keeping things simple is best, and this is an example of that. Nothing fussy, but clear text and good performance makes the site easy to use.

... and finally the winner is ...

1: Tesla

A red Tesla Model 3

Good UX seems to be generating good results. While Tesla's site isn't completely without problems, it works better than all other car sites that our UX AI wizard Poe has so far tested. They are clearly the leading electric vehicle company, and are outperforming all other car manufacturers, electric or not.


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