The Best Sites for Christmas Shopping

Attractive has, over the past few weeks, been gaining features specifically geared at web shops. In many cases Poe, our virtual UX expert, can now detect and find products, and evaluate how well they are presented. Poe can also compare your web shop's overall UX rating to all the others in his growing database.

Poe now visualises user journeys

To get an in-depth review of your web shop's design and usability, order our New Year Health Check from Poe.

You can, of course, test your own site's UX Score on our main page.

Poe has only recently been exploring web shops specifically, but here are the top 10 he has seen so far. Perhaps a chance for some last minute presents?

10: Loihe

This Finnish site offers corporate gifts which are made responsibly and sustainably, with many actually made in Finland.


The legendary and most successful online store in Finland, selling gadgets and gimmicks. They must be doing something right!

8: Porsche Germany

This is the German site of the German car maker. Bold imagery and clear prompts for action help this site maintain a strong brand.

7: Rohje

Smart Finnish design watches, with locally sourced leather straps.

6: Onpamall

This Japanese online mall has all kinds of clothes and cosmetics, as well as a bit of that Japanese craziness we love to marvel at. 

5: DreamCloud

An American company selling quality mattresses and beds. Marc, our COO, has recently been explaining to all of us the virtues of great beds, so I bet he's happy this one is in our Top 10.

4: Apple

The company that originally set the standard for usability and design still does a great job, and deserves a position in this group.

3: Blidz

Site for discovering deals. This makes a strong effort to try and pull shoppers in. It is quite a busy site, and a little heavy, but we don't argue with our virtual UX expert, Poe.

(We just fix his code ;-)

2: True Amaringos

Weird, wonderful and colourful paintings by Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo.

1: Nudie Jeans  

Stylish sustainable Swedish designer jeans. This was the only webshop to appear in our previous Top 10 ranking of all sites. It's thus no surprise to find it at #1 here.

That's the top 10 for December 2020! If you're wondering why the #1 site from our previous post, Tesla, wasn't here, it's because Poe currently didn't consider that site to be a web shop. We still have some things to teach him. Bad boy.