No-code has been a buzz word for some time now. In case you don’t know what it means, no-code is an approach to build a software without using any code. Most of the articles talk about the benefits of no-code for the developers who build mobile or web applications. But we want to talk about how no-code techniques can be used for test automation.

Test automation is a way to test software automatically instead of using a human to run the same manual tests over and over again. However, to run those tests you still need someone to prepare an environment, test data, code setup and more. This takes time, money and, frankly, not that many people enjoy doing this work.

The good news is that it is possible to run the tests with no configuration, installation or scripts. We at came up with a solution that allows you to test your site’s key functions with a no-code approach. And when we say no code, we mean it — you simply need to enter your website’s address and our AI bot Poe will do the testing for you.

The pros:
  • Saves a lot of time — as you don’t need to do prep work for the testing.

  • Saves money — your software developers can spend their time doing more productive work instead.

  • Easy to use by those who understand nothing about testing — as you just need to insert your site’s address and let Poe do the magic. Additionally, reports and alerts are sent to you in a clear way.

  • No need to do repeated work — you can simply subscribe your site to the service, and it will constantly be analysed.

The cons:
  • Limited functionality (for now) — you might experience a feature missing. In that case, just let us know your wishes. We are adding new features to the service all the time.

The bottom line

Test automation is definitely an important practice if you care about your site and your site’s visitors. The future of test automation lies in the no-code approach, meaning that it will not require anyone to spend lots of hours preparing the code setup.

And this approach exists now already. Our bot Poe can continuously monitor your site, alert you when something breaks and send you weekly reports assessing your UX.

Join the future and try Poe yourself for free.


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